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Immunity Starter Pack for Dogs and Cats * - Natura Petz Organics
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Immunity Starter Pack for Dogs and Cats *



Immunity Starter Pack for Dogs and Cats *

Convenient, easy to use Immunity starter pack dispenses an immunity balancing super food supplement to help boost your pet's immune health toward balanced wellness. 

May help support deep immune function

Natural plant adaptogens help boost an under-performing immune system or help balance an over-performing immune system

Natural plant adaptogens may help identify nutritional and physiological immune health deficiencies and help the body achieve balanced immunity

May help reduce inflammation throughout the body, which is directly related to auto-immune disease presentation

May help promote digestive health due to its Prebiotic and Probiotic content

Natural digestive, steroid and anti-allergen actions may help provide multiple layers of wellness supports

Used holistically for symptoms related to joint inflammation and pain and degenerative cartilage conditions and symptoms such as arthritis

Adjunctive support for Lyme and Heartworm disease and digestive disorders

May help address cellular irregularities

Available in dog capsules (size 1 - see chart) and cat capsule sizes (size 3 - see chart).

Beef flavoring for palatability.

Suggested dosing: 

Dogs and cats up to 15 pounds: 1 capsule daily

Dogs and cats 16+ pounds: 1 capsules, two times daily

Contraindications: Do not administer is your pet is pregnant, lactating, scheduled for surgery within 2 weeks (mildly thins blood), receiving hormone treatments, has citrus allergies or following an organ or bone marrow transplant or skin graft, due to its effects to stimulate immunity.

Usage information:

For All Life Stages of dogs and cats; as a general immune system support; as an adaptogen and nutritional support which may help balance immunity; may nutritionally benefit immuno-compromised and/or convalescing dogs and cats and those experiencing chronic conditions; may help benefit senior, geriatric, working and performance dogs and cats.