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About Heidi Nevala, Company Founder and President of Natura Petz Organics

My name is Heidi Nevala and I am founder and President of Natura Petz Organics. This company is a reflection of my core personal values in supporting holistic animal wellness through supplementation and balanced nutrition. The organization of this company occurred based on health and life experiences while living in North and South America and Europe, my Bengal rescues, but ultimately, it was a family grooming and boarding business that had a final impact as I witnessed the daily reality that our pets often suffer from easily reversible ailments.

The desire to help address these imbalances in the animal body is a labor of love as well as a privilege to inform my experience surrounding the potential benefits of South American herbals and nutraceuticals, and how they may help support pure, natural, pet health in your dogs and cats.

My introduction to traditional, herbal medicine began on my first of many visits to South America, where I contracted cholera and nearly died from it. Once treated with herbal medicine, I experienced the rapid healing power that plant and marine extracts can deliver. While living in South America, I went on to have many more travel adventures, and as such, contracted malaria and a host of other conditions which required plant and marine based interventions, :) inadvertently continuing my education in plant based therapeutics. I was stunned to learn about the extensive research conducted on plant based medicine as well as diagnostic capabilities unknown in the U.S. It was a world apart from synthetic medications; the practice of allowing the body to heal itself through the use of plant intelligence. This education became more than a passion; it became my life's work.

How does any of this relate to animal wellness? Traditional medicine is part of a medical system because all elements of health, illness and the relationship between humans, animals and nature rests on both combined indigenous empirical knowledge and modern medicine. Plant and marine products are used to address health, wellness, disease prevention and condition specific treatments for animals; supported by thousands of years of research and documentation. As a company, our focus on research links up each product, its naturally occurring plant chemicals, its biological actions as well as history of usage for animals within a traditional medical system.

The Amazon, Andes and Pacific Ocean (benefited by the Humboldt Current) are unlike any other plant and marine ecosystems found on earth; supplying unique, critical nutrients and plant based chemistry that our pets require but are typically lacking in modern diets.

Our products are grown in their organic state and processed without the use of pesticides, fumigation, genetically modified organisms, synthetic fertilizers, or ionizing radiation. With the alarming presentation of diseases in our pets, we must be the best stewards of their health and happiness. We firmly believe that Natura Petz Organics products and our expertise in plant and marine based therapeutics can provide vital benefits in helping to maintain health as well as may help promote longevity in your beloved dog and cat. for your dogs and cats.

For more information as to how I got into the pet industry, please see this video by Pet World Media Group.



Heidi Nevala