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Natura Petz Best Sellers

Best Sellers

Natura Petz is proud to offer our Best Sellers collection; the products which address the most pressing health conditions in dogs and cats.

We especially like this category because it's evidence that pet parents are buying pet supplements which address the most common diseases and conditions in dogs and cats, but also want product solutions to help enhance wellness and to delay or prevent disease. Our pets give Best Sellers four paws up!

Finally, this category also reflects on all of the pet parents who are doing such a great job in taking care of their furry children. Our customers ROCK.

Our Best Sellers include plant botanicals and marine extracts, which are human grade and ORGANIC. We don't put anything into our products we wouldn't use ourselves.

And please note that while our product names contain humor, but we are serious about the science behind our supplements.

Anxiety Starter Pack for Dogs and Cats *

Anxiety Starter Pack for Dogs and Ca...


Anxiety Starter Pack for Dogs and Cats * Nutritionally soothes anxious and stressed dogs and cats by helping relax the Central Nervous, autonomic, sympathetic, somatic & parasympathetic nervous systems.Helps relax all types of stress triggers... (View Product)