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Natura Petz Story

Natura Petz was formed in an uncommon way. One day the owner of the company accidentally spilled a variety of organic herbs onto the floor. Her two rescue kittens and company mascots, Genevieve, the baby Bengal kitten shown at right, and her sister, Kielin, pounced on the herbs, gobbled them up and began demanding more. And it wasn’t a subtle plea for more herbs; their hackles went up and they tried to chew through the bottles.

Natura Petz Story

Knowing that she was feeding her darling kittens premium, holistic, grain-free food, she immediately realized that good nutrition just wasn’t enough and that her beloved pets required natural supplementation to achieve optimal health and wellness just as you and I do. And in that purrfect moment, the Natura Petz company was formed.

The baby darling rescues had a variety of health issues. Kielin suffered from ongoing eye infections, upset stomach and seizures. Although her disposition remained sunny, we anguished over her discomfort and how we might treat what appeared to be a systemic problem.

After consulting with a holistic vet, we addressed Kielin's seizures by using Valerian Root extract found in Soothed & Serene, which effectively managed and reduced the occurrence. After eliminating an allergic trigger, we approached her eye and digestive issues nutritionally with Yummy Tummy which contains a natural plant based steroid which could help address eye inflammation and infection, plus it helps support gut health, balances immunity and more. We also added All Shins & Grins, which is useful in supporting eye health, along with other health benefits....And we held our breath! Over two years later, our darling Kielin's belly is settled and she has not had a single eye infection or seizure. We are ecstatic!

Since then, we’ve worked with holistic veterinarians and hounded our way through countless research events to develop a distinct nutraceutical product line that includes both maintenance pet supplements as well as products that may offset and potentially delay disease.

Our natural, organic pet supplements may help address symptoms of chronic diseases and conditions that plague your furry family members. Just as plant and marine based products have been used to support human health for thousands of years, so too, our pet supplements may help keep your four legged family members healthy and balanced, and potentially avoid serious illnesses. (* As recommended by holistic veterinarians for use under a traditional medical system)

That's what we do...pure, natural, pet health.