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Our Guarantee

Natura Petz Organics is prohibited by law from making any claims or representations that our products and/or plants are suitable or effective in treating, curing, mitigating or preventing any disease or condition.

We do NOT make these types of medical claims or representations on any product we sell, nor do we guarantee that they will work for any disease or condition. Please refer to our full disclaimer contained in the Disclaimer and Conditions of Use prior to making your purchase.

Natura Petz Organics DOES guarantee that our products are:
  • Formulated and/or prepared based upon the documented ethnic uses of the plant ingredients;
  • The correct species of plants shown on labels and marketing literature;
  • Sustainably wild harvested or organically grown and properly harvested;
  • The freshest and highest quality of plant ingredients possible;
  • Free of any chemical additives, preservatives, binders, fillers or contaminates.
Please remember that plant and marine products work differently than synthetic medications. Natural supplements typically take more time to work systemically with your pet’s body, and usually require between 4-6 weeks to realize maximum results. Please allow sufficient time for your pet to experience the greatest benefits to be derived from natural products.
If you are unhappy with any Natura Petz Organics products, please contact us so that we are able to address the situation:
Phone: 877-306-744