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Anxiety Starter Pack for Dogs and Cats *

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Anxiety Starter Pack for Dogs and Cats *

Nutritionally soothes anxious and stressed dogs and cats by helping relax the Central Nervous, autonomic, sympathetic, somatic & parasympathetic nervous systems.

Helps relax all types of stress triggers related to the adrenal, cardiovascular, digestive, excretory, muscular & respiratory systems, for whole body balance.

Mildly nervine & sedative; it does not drug your pet but helps relax muscles, lowers blood pressure & promotes feelings of security and helps reduce separation anxiety.

Useful for short term and episodic stress and anxiety related to travel, storms, vet and grooming visits, adoption, pain and much more. Also safe for long term usage.

Containing natural adaptogens and naturally tonic, in nature, helps to strengthen all body systems & works to nutritionally help restore emotional and immune balance.

Suggested dosage: 

Dogs and cats up to 15 pounds: 1 capsule daily.

Dogs and cats 16+ pounds: 2 capsules daily.

Safe for all life stages of dogs and cats, including puppies and kittens.

Proprietary herbal blend including Valerian Root, Mint and Passion Flower. 


Do not use if your pet is pregnant, lactating, suffers from hypothyroidism or is scheduled for surgery requiring anesthesia. May potentiate anesthesia and other medications used during surgery which may be harmful when combined. Discontinue use at least two weeks before a scheduled surgery.

Drug Interactions

None reported. May potentiate sedative effects of Coumadin, barbiturates, anesthetics and CNS depressants such as diazepam (Valium) or amitriptyline (Elavil) and is cautioned for use when combined. .


May be cautioned for use with estrogen medications such as tamoxifen (Nolvadex) or if your animal has estrogen-sensitive cancer. May be cautioned for animals with low blood pressure. May be cautioned for animals with allergies to plants in the Aster family and for pets with bleeding disorders.