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Only from Natura Petz - Unique Pet Supplements

ONLY from Natura Petz

We proudly offer unique, novel, one-of-a-kind plant botanicals and marine extracts ONLY available from Natura Petz.

These nutraceutical herbs, powders, vitamins, tinctures and serums were specifically created to help enhance animal wellness as well as for their healing and beneficial effects within a traditional medical system to help address common and specialty diseases and conditions, both acute and chronic. Our products are also formulated to potentially help prevent or delay the onset of disease.

We are wildly proud of our products because they work!. They are organic and human grade=the ultimate indicators that a product is certified and safe for your dogs and cats. With all the recalls and sub-par pet products on the market, we want you, as pet parents, to know that our products are 100% safe and effective for your dogs and cats.

And we feel OK about blowing our own horn here. After all, our products and our hearts are for pets and their peoples!

The following pet supplements contain both single and multi-blend herbs and marine extracts that work gently but effectively to help detoxify, heal, correct and repair the animal body.

Notice that while our pet supplement names contain humor, but we are serious about the science behind our supplements. Only from Natura Petz.


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